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Glass 6 cl


A1710 La Perle 54.5° This pure white rum cane juice comes from a resolutely artisanal production. La Perle offers you the unique experience of an extraordinary rum. 8,50
Neisson Blanc BIO 52.5° Organic white rum, Neisson takes us on fruity paths where sugar cane, citrus and flowers succeed in making their flavours spring a remarkable freshness. 9,50
La Maison du Rhum Martinique 45° The assembly was carried out under the supervision of Daniel Baudin, the Chai Master of La Mauny House. We meet a fresh and white woodland. Only 1428 bottles have been produced. 12,00
La Favorite 48° Rhum hors d’âge - Millésime 2009 It expresses with authenticity the DNA of La Favorite, and gives us new facets of the know-how of this distillery... 16,00

dominican republic

Kirk & Sweeney 40° This 18 years old rum has been aged in American oak barrels for many years, patiently forming a nice aromatic profile. 10,00

french guyana

El Dorado 40° Aged in barrels having contained bourbon. Very well balanced, it reveals beautiful notes of fruit. 8,50
Rum Nation Demerara The palate is ample and delicate. Made from cane molasses, it is marked by notes of exotic fruits, chocolate, and spices. 10,00


Bumbu Tum 40° Having taken benefit from a 15-year ageing bringing balance and softness to the rich and complex character, this one is typical of the distillery. 9.50
Bumbu XO 40° Bumbu XO has aged for 18 years in bourbon barrels and then in sherry, white oak from Andalusia ones. Toffee, toasted oak, and vanilla aromas give way to orange zest. 9.50


Hidden Loot 40° Hidden Loot. Its very name brings us back to the world of pirates. A sweet-mouthed rum with notes of coconut, orange and cocoa bean harmoniously married. 9,50


Diplomatico Single Vintage 43° This rum is matured in Spanish sherry barrels for 1 year. The result is spectacular and of rare intensity. Limited quantity. 15,00


Dictador Solera 20 ans 40° This rum combines a panache of roasted coffee aromas and pastry notes. The delicately fragrances lead to almonds and nuts smells. 12,00


La Maison du Rhum 45° Thanks to its four alembics, three stills and a column, and its mastery, St Lucia Distillers gives birth to an exceptional rum. 12.00


Hampden 60° Naturally coloured and with no added sugar, this Jamaican rum has been maturing in the tropical climate of the island for 8 years (about 25 years ageing in Europe). Power and finesse of the flavours combine in a beautiful balance. 12.00

trinidad & tobago

La Maison du Rhum 40° Distilled in 2008, this round and amber rum ages in only once used bourbon barrels. This rum is distinguished by its notes of exotic fruits, vanilla, and blond tobacco. 12.00

Glass 6 cl


Rozelieures 40° Single Malt Whisky, France / Lorraine This Lorraine peaty whisky collection reflects a controlled power, an aromatic precision and a balanced structure. 9.00
Armorik Sherry Cask 40° Single Malt, France / Bretagne Aged in bourbon barrels and maturing in sherry barrels. Its Breton origins have forged Armorik’s character, the first Breton single malt whisky. Its natural fruitiness is enhanced by dried fruits and prunes warm notes, a Xeres characteristic. 9,00
Breizh Whisky 42° Blended Malt, France / Bretagne Lively and fragrant on the nose, the Breizh Whisky develops all its subtly accompanied by notes of vanilla and cereal mellow in the mouth. 9,00


The Peat Monster 46° Blended Malt Particularly smoky, The Peat Monster does not deny its island origins, and gives the best place to the malts of the island of Islay. 8,50
Johnnie Walker Green Label 43° Blended Whisky Johnnie Walker Green Label is made from 12 Scottish single malts at least 15 years old, expressing a typical malty flavour. 8,50
Talisker Distillers 45.8° Single Malt Whisky / Highlands-Skye Its smoky and spicy character is accentuated by the finishing of ageing in former sherry barrels. This second maturation amplifies the fruity sweetness of the malt and rounds off its peaty and peppery power. 9,00
The Story of the Spaniard 43° Blended Malt Half composed of malt whiskies aged in old sherry casks, it naturally reveals Hispanic accents and spicy notes. 9.50
The Epicurian 46.2° Blended Malt Whether fresh or heady the floral fragrances escaping from the glass are its most beautiful ambassadors. The fruit of a blend of the best single malts of this region, it reveals a greedy and cereal character. 9.50
Timorous Beastie 46,8° Blended Malt Aged in old Bourbon barrels it shows a round and rich profile, dominated by notes of vanilla, candied fruit (apple) and sweet spices. 9.50
Big Peat D. Laing 46° Blended Malt An amazing, blended malt to discover, especially for its peaty and smoky touches. 9.50
Port Askaig 45,8° Single Malt Whisky / Islay Bottled by Speciality Drinks, Port Askaig 8 YO is a single malt aged in American oak barrels. Its peaty profile offers smoke, wild herbs, honey, liquorice, and vanilla notes. 9.50
The Spice Tree 46° Blended Malt Thanks to an ageing process using the best new oak species, this whisky shows a noble spicy character (cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, etc.). 11.00
The Gauldrons D. Laing 46,2° Blended Malt Bottled without dye or cold filtration, this blended malt is produced in limited quantities. Sweet cereals smells on the nose, with a note of iodine and sweet spices. 12.00
Scallywag 46° Blended Malt This whisky pays tribute to the Speyside region with its richly spicy aromas and nice sherry notes. 12.00
Dalmore Cigar Malt Reserve 44° Single Malt / Highlands Cigar Malt Reserve comes from a triple maturation in old sherry barrels (70%), Cabernet Sauvignon (10%) and American white oak (20%). Nevertheless, it remains the ideal version for cigar lovers. 17.00
Ardbeg Grooves 46° Single Malt / Highlands This new single malt is the result of a blend including a whisky which has matured in a unique way. The result offers more intense flavours of smoked spices, wood fire and vanilla popcorn. 18.00
Glenmorangie Signet 46° Single Malt / Highlands This one is made from a barley called «chocolate malt» by expert Bill Lumsden, the name of which name comes from its amazing properties and the intensity of the aromas it confers on the whisky. 25.00
Dalmore King Alexander III 40° Single Malt / Highlands Dalmore brings together in a single bottle: Bourbon, Matusalem oloroso sherry, Madeira, Marsala, Porto, and Cabernet Sauvignon. The result expresses the characteristics of each cask. A masterstroke! 30.00


Penderyn Madeira 46° Single Malt, Southern Wales Distilled in a unique still, first aged in bourbon barrels it finishes its maturation in Madeira barrels that give it a generous taste and a subtle complexity 10.50


Redbreast 46° Single Malt When it appeared, this limited edition made the buzz! With the same base as the beautiful 12 YO Redbreast, it is however more complex thanks to coconut, iris, and cocoa bean. 15.00


Michter’s American 41.7° Single barrel whisky / Kentucky Very fruity and sweet, this Mitcher’s whisky reveals in the mouth notes of caramel, embellished with notes of oak, a hint of vanilla, and dried fruits. 12.00


Mackmyra Bruks 41.4° Single Malt Mackmyra is a very soft single malt. This whisky is aged in old Bourbon barrels, the aromatic palette is dominated by sweet notes of pear, vanilla, and marshmallow. 9.50


Nikka Coffey Malt 45° Single Grain / Honshu - Miyagi Elaborated with most «Coffey» stills corn, this single grain offers a glimpse of the grain whiskies, the basis of all the blends of Nikka house. 10.00
Yoichi 45° Single Malt / Hokkaido A blend of whiskies of different ages, it expresses a subtle balance between smoky, fruity, and floral flavours. 15.00
Miyagikyo 45° Single Malt / Honshu - Miyagi A Nikka version with no mention of age, the single malt Miyagikyo replaces the classic range. It perfectly transcribes the delicate and fruity style of this distillery. 15.00
Nikka 12 ans 43° Blended Malt The balance of the nose, the serenity of the mouth and the final note that continues to expand enhances the aromatic and gustative palette of this Nikka 12 YO. 20.00


Kavalan Single Malt 40° Single Malt Whisky, Taiwan / Yilan County Made from different types of casks, it seduces thanks to its fresh and delicious aromas of orchid, exotic fruits, and vanilla. 10.00
Kavalan Vinhobarrique 47.8° Single Malt Whisky, Taiwan / Yilan County The barrels are rebuffed to improve the transmission of their tannins to the whisky, which brings notes of great complexity. Voted best whisky in the world! 35.00

Drumshanbo Gunpowder 43° Distilled Gin, Irlande / Down County This gin is the remarkable result of the wanderings of a curious and unique mind, like the elusive creature PJ Rigney occasionally met in the fields. 8.50
Generous BIO 40° France A French gin with a great freshness, and lemony notes thanks to combawa fruit and coriander. All the ingredients of Generous are natural. 9.00
Nikka Coffey Gin Of 40° Distilled Gin, Japon Produced for the first time by Nikka house, the composition of this gin includes besides juniper berries many citrus (yuzu, kabosu, amanatsu, shikuwasa). 9.00

Nikka Coffey Vodka 40° Vodka De Cereale, Japon At the time of the bottling, this vodka is filtered on birch charcoal in order to maintain maximum creaminess and balance. 9.00
Légende du Kremlin 40° Moscou, Russie Nine-time gold medallist, the official vodka of Moscow Kremlin! Distilled 5 times before resting during a month, it is then filtered 5 times to preserve its purity. 9.00

Don Julio Reposado 38° Tequila 100% Agave, Mexique / Jalisco A 100% agave tequila. Don Julio ages his tequila in American oak barrels for a period of 8 months. 11.00
Don Julio Blanco 38° Tequila 100% Agave, Mexique / Jalisco This tequila is bottled immediately after distillation, without ageing. The citrus and vanilla aromas are very pleasant. 11.00
Don Julio 1942 38° Tequila 100% Agave, Mexique / Jalisco Peppermint notes. Plenty of fruit (lemon, apple, and pear) and sweet spices, (cinnamon, bourbon vanilla, and cardamom). Hint of pepper. 32.00

Del Mague 42° Mezcal Vida, Mexique, Oaxaca Distilled twice from espadin variety agave, it is marked by notes of red fruits, spices, and flowers. A very good introduction to traditional mezcals. 8.50

Roger Groult Pays d’Auge, 8 ans This Calvados takes advantage of a wide choice of barrels: cider, Calvados, Porto, sherry, etc. These blends offer an incomparable palette and aromatic richness. 9,00

La Vieille Prune 42° Distillerie Louis Roque A more than centenary brandy whose ancestral recipe has passed through ages. 9.00
Eau-de-vie Abricot Morand 43° Apricot brandy from Valais (Switzerland) and Europe (EU), with a typical nose and ample taste, complex, long on the palate and well balanced. 9.00
Eau-de-vie Framboise Morand 43° High quality raspberry eau-de-vie, with the typical nose of the fruit, and rich, complex taste, long on the palate and well balanced. 9.00
Eau-de-vie Poire William Morand 43° Long and well balanced. 12 kilos of Williams pear for 1 litre Williamine. Intense and fruity flavour. 9.00

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